Carla Brown, a nurse in Baton Rouge, is on a “COVID-19 Crusade” to get as many people vaccinated as she can

A COVID-19 survivor herself, Brown lost her husband of 21 years, David, to COVID-19 last July. Her son and 90-year-old father were also infected with COVID-19, but recovered.

“I know I took it [COVID-19] home to them. I didn’t know it at the time…and I lost my David. He survived gun violence, bone marrow cancer and a liver transplant; but he could not survive COVID-19. He could not get the vaccine and that breaks my heart. Now I am on a crusade to save lives, to get as many people inoculated as I can. As of today, I’ve inoculated 900 people with the vaccine, and my goal is 2000,” Brown said.

Brown is a licensed vendor of a COVID-19 vaccine for the state of Louisiana and partners with a local pharmacy to get vaccine supplies. Each weekday after working their full-time jobs, Brown and her crusade partner Misty Hasting, a medical assistant, travel all over Baton Rouge and nearby cities to vaccinate people from 3:30 pm until 10:30 pm. They do it voluntarily, for no compensation.