About Made To Save

The COVID-19 vaccines were made to save us, and the moments we miss most. But to end this pandemic, we’ve got to ensure everyone has equitable access to the vaccines and information they can trust.

That’s why Made to Save (an initiative of Civic Nation, a 501(c)(3) organization) exists — we’re a national education and grassroots campaign working to save lives by increasing COVID-19 vaccine access and focused on empowering community-based organizations to run outreach programs that increase vaccination rates in communities too often left behind by our public health system.

In addition to empowering local organizations, we’re proud to partner with national, state, and local civic and public health organizations to increase vaccine access, equity, and trust.

Together, we can get back to the moments we all miss most, and over time, put an end to this pandemic.

Meet our community-based partner organizations. 

Meet our national partners.