What Now: Principals (and other School Administrators)

Now that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is available for children 5-11 years old, your school can help ensure that all eligible children get vaccinated to protect themselves and those around them.  Schools are trusted messengers and should provide accurate information about the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines to parents and caregivers.  Go a step further by hosting a vaccination clinic at your school to ensure equitable access to your students and families.  

What you need to know

Vaccine conversations can be difficult and in some places controversial, but the evidence is clear, the only way out of the pandemic is by ensuring a large proportion of the community is vaccinated to avoid the spread of disease.  Until this happens, school and life will continue to be interrupted by this preventable illness.  

Share with parents and caregivers that vaccination is the way to avoid school closures in the future by protecting kids, families and others in the community by stopping COVID-19 spread.  Survey families to get a better sense of what information is needed most to feel comfortable vaccinating children ages 5-11 and then connect with community based organizations or healthcare professionals to help answer those questions.  

Take Action

  • Join MTS school pilots partners group – Register to join on December 2, 2021
  • Request a health professional through Doctors For America to present the facts to your school community and answer questions.
  • Consider partnering with a local clinic or health department to offer school located vaccination
  • Post on school social media channels to raise awareness using these graphics from the US Department of Health and Human Services

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