Take Action

Learning more about the COVID-19 vaccines and spreading the word is one of the most important things we can do to save lives and combat this pandemic.

Studies show that people are far more likely to get vaccinated if they know a friend or family member who has been vaccinated.

And we all know that when it comes to who we listen to, friends and family come first. That’s why you are one of the best people to talk to your community about the COVID-19 vaccines.

That’s especially true if your community has been hard-hit by the pandemic or experiences disparities in health and opportunities—that’s why we’re hosting trainings in the month of April to help folks talk to their friends and family about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Looking for resources before one of our trainings? Here’s a list of helpful links from our partners that will help you navigate these conversations with your loved ones:

Vaccinate with Confidence Toolkit and Vaccinate with Confidence Strategy Guide – CDC
National Institute of Health Community Engagement Alliance – Website -NIH
Community-Based Organizations Vaccine Toolkit – CDC
Vaccination Communication Toolkit for Medical Centers, Pharmacies, and Clinicians – CDC
Greater Than Covid Website – Kaiser Family Foundation

Want to join our team of supporters organizing folks and helping spread information about the COVID-19 vaccines?